Skinny Bamboo Spoon

Coconut Oil Spoon

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Skinny Bamboo Spoon

  • Size: 7.5L
  • Materials: 100% natural bamboo
  • Features: Perfect for tough to reach places at the bottom of a jar

Item Number: 0080872


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Skinny & Co. believes healthy people have the power to change the world! Live a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle with raw coconut oil, cleansing balms, lip balms, body melt lotions, candles and scented lotions. With five ingredients or less, Skinny & Co. products will have you feeling and looking radiant just in time for summer. Chemical-free and five ingredients or less, Safe for all ages and all skin types (men included!), Clean, fresh aroma made from wild harvested coconuts, Made from raw coconut oil (as close as you can come to a raw coconut!)