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sarah robertson painting

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson's work appears in galleries and private collections throughout the south. She primarily focuses on landscapes whether traditional or abstract, but also explores various religious themes. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. Sarah works conceptually, drawing from her life experiences, allowing the subject of each painting to evolve as she works on the canvas. Sarah Robertson has a degree in design, previously working in residential, commercial and film. She lives in Germantown, Tennessee with her husband and three sons. View Sarah's work or Join our Canvas Artist Mailing List

artist vicki denaburg

Vicki Denaburg

For artist Vicki Denaburg of Birmingham, Alabama, half the adventure in pursuing her passion for painting is experimenting with different mediums to achieve her signature style of stunning color contrasts and textures. Style, sophistication, and interest blend in harmony in Denaburg’s large abstracts and contemporary landscapes, adding a sense of original elegance to any room in which her work hangs. Largely self-taught, Vicki considers painting the realization of a life-long dream, and delights in being able to contribute to the world of art she has long treasured. View Vicki's work or Join our Canvas Artist Mailing List

artist emyo

Emily Ozier

Artist Emily Ozier and her husband John reside in East Memphis, Tennessee with their three children. Primarily self-taught, her artwork is characterized by the building up of canvas by layering colors of paint. The daughter of a Cuban American, Emily's expressive style and bold strokes, may find their origins in her Spanish roots. Her work can be found in private and public collections in Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida and Maryland. View Emily's work or Join our Canvas Artist Mailing List

good earth pottery

The Good Earth Pottery

Richie Watts began his creative experiment in the spring of 2000 to produce the unique dinnerware known as The Good Earth Pottery. Success came in the fall of that same year with the beautiful Mockingbird pattern. Carlos Caballero then joined as a partner to add his creative talents. Since their acquisition of an Americas Mart showroom in 2002, The Good Earth Pottery has expanded to become nationally renowned. The dinnerware itself is stoneware of the highest quality and is safe for use in dishwashers, ovens, microwaves (reheating only) and freezers. View our inventory

etta b pottery

Etta B Pottery

A brand that’s synonymous with the south, Etta B Pottery takes its roots seriously, right down to the name. Just like the small town in Mississippi from which it received its namesake, Etta B Pottery is all about the understated and raw beauty that shines in places that are just a bit rough around the edges. Blooming from a one woman band to an established artisan company in the years that it has loved and served the south, Etta B Pottery creates heirloom-quality stoneware pieces that are designed to be loved, and admired, for a lifetime. . View the Etta B Collection