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Grandma’s “call to action” was my singular moment, life-defining to say the least…

Stephanie’s Story

Like you I’m into originality. Being and living as an original.


When I was 9, my grandmother gave my cousins (both boys) and me each a $100 bill and told the three of us to make it grow anyway we saw fit, within one year. I plotted as only a 9-year-old could, and put a “business plan” to paper. My venture of choice was handmade jewelry. “What?” said my mother. “Yes,” I replied. And that was that.

For months, Mom and I traveled the craft-fair circuit selling my wares. In the end, I raised $5,000, won the challenge and received a pair of diamond earrings from my grandma that are still one of my most prized possessions.

Grandma’s “call to action” was my singular moment, life-defining to say the least, and it proved to me that whatever I put my soul, heart and head into, I could do.

The Beautiful Life


Some days I look back and delight in the path that led me to where I am today—at Bella Vita, aptly translated from Italian to mean “the beautiful life.” The path has been rocky at times, uncertain and passing by at alarming speed, but it’s always been full of beauty, smiles, laughs and success. Bella Vita is a home interior and decorative accessories shop. We’ve been in business since 2001 and were first located in Cordova, TN. My entry into the world of Bella Vita came through another family member: my dad, a man who knows a great opportunity when it knocks and encouraged me to listen carefully to this one.

My family remains close to my heart and to the business.

Now, nearly a decade into running my own shop, my family remains close to my heart and to the business. And, even though we don’t do craft fairs any longer, mom still gets involved in our annual holiday market circuit. I’ve even brought my loving and equally supportive husband, Brent, into the business. (Little did he know when we met that he would know so much about aprons, matelasse duvets and coverlets!) Without each one of them, Bella Vita would not be where it is today. I’m eternally grateful.

Being Original

I share my story with you because understanding my background helps to understand my commitment to procuring what’s new, what’s original, and what’s of the highest quality for my store. Bella Vita itself is a treasure trove of original, quality pieces that are elegant, trendsetting and rustic, yet somehow refined. It is the process of creating something so exceptional in Bella Vita, and so breathtaking that it makes my clients gasp, that makes it a pleasure for me to be in this business.

Like you I’m into originality. Being and living as an original. And buying an original. My shop is filled with fine works by many local and regional artists … paintings by Emily Ozier, “EMYO” and Sarah Robertson, The Good Earth Pottery and Vintage Gypsy jewelry, to name just a few. One-of-a-kind pieces that help us create beautiful lives in our own homes.

Thank You

I’m so grateful you have taken a moment from your day to learn more about what inspires Bella Vita. For we share the same vision and admiration for a life filled with beauty and meaning. You are friends, and my staff and I will always take the time to help you find exactly what you need and what is most meaningful—whether the gift is for you or for a loved one.

Please check back in with me, online or in person, as my story continues to develop. At times it’s a real page-burner and at others I’m simply enjoying it as it unfolds. I hope your story is equally fascinating and always one that brings you joy. I hope you will share it with me.

Here’s to La Bella Vita, my friends!

Stephanie Singley
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