Skinny Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

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Skinny Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

  • Size: 2 fl oz, 60 mL
  • Materials: Patented 100% RAW NutraLock™ Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil
  • Care: Step 1: Remove Makeup Press a nickel-size amount onto face and massage in. Wipe with a clean warm cloth or tissue. Step 2: Cleanse Place a quarter-size amount onto a warm wash cloth or electric face brush and gently work into skin with a circular motion.
  • Features: See below for benefits

Item Number: SKN-BALM2

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Skinny & Co. believes healthy people have the power to change the world! Live a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle with raw coconut oil, cleansing balms, lip balms, body melt lotions, candles and scented lotions. With five ingredients or less, Skinny & Co. products will have you feeling and looking radiant just in time for summer. Chemical-free and five ingredients or less, Safe for all ages and all skin types (men included!), Clean, fresh aroma made from wild harvested coconuts, Made from raw coconut oil (as close as you can come to a raw coconut!)

Skinny Calming Cleansing Balm 

Calming was formulated for sensitive skin. We chose a wonderful blend of 4 therapeutic-grade essential oils, which soothe skin while helping calm redness & reducing irritation.

  • Benefits: Gentle waterproof make-up remover | Miracle facial cleanser | Day & night-time moisturizer | Can reduce irritation and redness | 100% Non-comedogenic | Soothes dry scales on skin | After-sun moisturizer | Concentrated (no added water) | Penetrates the deeper layers of skin | Helps prevent stretch marks | Shaving cream | Effective bug and insect repellent | pH balanced | No additives, no preservatives or chemicals of any kind
  1. Lavender Oil – Often used to reduce anxiety and stress. Inhibits bacterial growth, and promotes relief while healing.
  2. Roman Chamomile Oil – Boosts skin health with its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  3. Neroli Oil – Helps dying skin cells revive at a cellular level. Also is beneficial for treating wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.
  4. Sage Oil – Helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles. Bonus: Aids in the healing of wounds and incisions.

Skinny Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm 

Rejuvenating was formulated for “combination” skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A unique combination of 4 therapeutic-grade essential oils was chosen to achieve this.

  • Benefits: Gentle waterproof make-up remover | Miracle facial cleanser | Skin balancing | Day & night-time moisturizer | 100% Non comedogenic (will not break skin out) | Energizes the look of skin for a brighter, more radiant appearance | Delivers long-lasting moisture and supports barrier protection | Provides a revitalizing effect for a firmer and smoother look | Concentrated (no added water) | Penetrates the deeper layers of skin | Helps prevent stretch marks | Provides lightweight matte finish | Shaving cream for dry and weathered skin | pH balanced | No additives, no preservatives or chemicals of any kind

  1. Sandalwood Oil – Stimulates muscles, which can help prevent sagging skin.
  2. Ylang Ylang Oil – Is effective in maintaining the balance of moisture and oil in your skin, keeping it hydrated and smooth. It also doubles as an anti-wrinkle compound.
  3. Patchouli Oil – Is anti-inflammatory, reduces pore size, and tightens skin.
  4. Jasmine Oil – Helps fade scars and wrinkles by penetrating the deepest layers of your skin. Also aids the rebalance your skin’s natural moisture.

Skinny Clarifying Cleansing Balm 

Clarifying was formulated for troubled and blemished skin. This blend consists of 4 different essential oils, which help unclog pores and brighten the skin by easing blemishes and rebalancing your body’s natural oils.

  • Benefits:  Gentle waterproof make-up remover | Miracle facial cleanser | Non comedogenic (will not break your skin out) | Day & night-time moisturizer | Helps unclog pores | Eases blemishes | Soothes and calms the appearance of redness | Concentrated (no added water) | Penetrates the deeper layers of skin | Helps prevent stretch marks | Provides lightweight moisture | Shaving cream for troubled skin | pH balanced | No additives, preservatives or chemicals - ever
  1. Frankincense Oil – Can help reduce the appearance of scars and marks from acne.
  2. Tea Tree Oil – Dries blemishes and disinfects pores.
  3. Lavender Oil – Inhibits bacterial growth, thus reducing acne. Promotes healing and soothes pain.
  4. Myrrh Oil – Helps to fade scars, and mitigate skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Increases blood circulation to the skin while easing infections.
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