Skinny Oil Pulling Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

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Skinny Oil Pulling Coconut Oil

  • Size: 8 oz
  • Materials: Patented 100% RAW NutraLock™ Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, plus Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Care: Use as a daily mouthwash before brushing
  • Features: See below for benefits

Item Number: SKN-OILP8

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Skinny & Co. believes healthy people have the power to change the world! Live a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle with raw coconut oil, cleansing balms, lip balms, body melt lotions, candles and scented lotions. With five ingredients or less, Skinny & Co. products will have you feeling and looking radiant just in time for summer. Chemical-free and five ingredients or less, Safe for all ages and all skin types (men included!), Clean, fresh aroma made from wild harvested coconuts, Made from raw coconut oil (as close as you can come to a raw coconut!)

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling, also known as "kavala" or "gundusha," is a traditional Ayurvedic holistic oral health technique that has been practiced for centuries in India and southern Asia. The practice of oil pulling involves placing a tablespoon of an edible oil inside the mouth, and swishing or “pulling” the oil through the teeth and oral cavity. Coconut oil has been found to be an ideal choice due to the lauric acid binding with the bacteria in the mouth during the “pulling” process.

  • Benefits: Freshens breath while you swish | Swishing action helps clean teeth | Will not harm enamel on teeth like other acidic oils | Contains no toxic solvents, chemicals or fillers | Will not harm fillings or dental work 
  • How to Use: Swish one tablespoon for five to twenty minutes. We recommend starting pulling for five minutes, then increase the time gradually. Move the oil around your mouth as if it were mouthwash, but do not gargle or swallow. Spit in the trash can rinse, then brush teeth as normal. Suggested use: one to two times per day.
February 4, 2019

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