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Kallos hammered highball glass
The Kallos Hammered Highball Glass offers an elegant and stylish way to enjoy your favorite drinks. Hand-hammered with a unique square shape, this is the most popular glass in our store and an excellent addition to any home.
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Hand painted gold leaf stemmed red wine glass
What's one, simple way to ensure a sparkling day, every day? With stemware laced with the finest gold, of course! From dinner parties to leisurely evenings in, these stunning glasses will leave you with a smile no matter the occasion.
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Negroni hammered highball glass
Your guests will ooh and ahh over the beauty of your glassware upon first glance. Confirm your title as "hostess with the mostest" with the addition of a few classy and elegant Negroni Glasses. home, hostess, glass, glasswaare, wine, party,...
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