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Bella Vita

Registry Referral Program

Crafting Timeless Registries Together with Bella Vita

Bella Vita is the leading wedding registry provider in the region. Our dedication to registry sophistication stems from an understanding that this process is an experience for a couple to curate a collection they will cherish forever!

The Registry Referral Program is a partnership opportunity for licensed wedding planners. Having a registry referral partner guarantees that your clients receive another memorable and seamless experience as part of their wedding with Bella Vita. You will also receive a $200 Bella Vita gift card with each referral!* 


How it works

  • Wedding Planner Applies Below*
  • Planner Refers Couple
  • Couple Registers with Bella Vita
  • Planner Receives Gift Card**

*Partners who refer three registries within a span of 12 months are eligible to be featured in our "Preferred Planners" section of our Bridal Registry page, along with other promotional opportunities.

**Partners receive promotional gift once the bride and groom have closed out their registry.

Additional Details


The Bella Vita Registry Referral Program prioritizes partnerships with licensed wedding planners, special event planners or venue owners, ensuring a level of expertise and credibility that aligns with our commitment to excellence. If you meet this criteria, we invite you to apply, receive the benefits of collaborating with a trusted and established leader in the registry industry, and elevate your clients' wedding experience with Bella Vita.



Partnering with Bella Vita elevates your registry experience with sophistication and distinction, while also expanding your client base and visibility. Rest assured, your reputation is paramount. Registrants are central to our business, not an afterthought. For every successful referral, receive a $200 gift card*. Multiple referrals qualify you for our Preferred Planner page* and priority referrals to all of our current brides.

*For program details, consult the bridal director during the application process.

How can Bella Vita help my business?

Partnering with Bella Vita isn't just about enhancing your clients' registry experience—it's also a strategic opportunity to grow your business and boost your income. With over 200 brides registering with us annually, your clients are sure to find the perfect registry items at Bella Vita. As a wedding planner, you're often the first point of contact for newly engaged couples, making referrals to Bella Vita a seamless addition to your service offering. By recommending Bella Vita to your clients, you not only provide them with access to premium registry options but also position yourself as a trusted advisor dedicated to their needs. With our generous referral program, you can earn substantial income for every bride you send our way, ensuring that your partnership with Bella Vita becomes a valuable asset to your business strategy.

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Moreover, Bella Vita's reputation as a leading registry provider in the Memphis area, and our growing presence in Nashville, means that referring your brides to us aligns your brand with excellence and sophistication. With our unmatched selection of products, personalized service, and commitment to creating unforgettable registry experiences, you can be confident that your clients will receive the best possible service when they register with Bella Vita. Join forces with us today and discover how Bella Vita can not only elevate your clients' wedding experience but also significantly contribute to the growth and success of your business.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Bella Vita Registry Referral Partner!

You can apply by scheduling an onboarding appointment at either our Memphis or Nashville store using the links below. We block 1 hour of one-on-one time with you, so we can get to know you, go over the whole registry referral process (perks, policies, etc.), and onboard you as a Bella Vita registry partner.

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