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About Us

Bella Vita is a lifestyle and interiors brand with focused intensity on customer experience, quality services, and unique products to make homes and lives more beautiful.

Our Values


Character Counts

Our reputation matters more than the bottom line; right is right, wrong is wrong.


Excellence in the Ordinary

We are faithful in the little things.



We expect trust, communication, and growth.


Intentional Gifting

We foster relationships by gifting our time and resources.


Fear Not

We will not make decisions based on fear.



We will deliver “wow” through service by anticipating customer needs.



We balance family and working hard.


Never Give Up

We face challenges with unyielding determination.


No Gossip

We hand negatives up and positives all around.


Self-employed Mentality

We all care and take responsibility like we own the place.


Celebrate Success

We give praise where praise is due.


Shatter Ceilings

We impose our will on the marketplace.

“Love, love, love this store! It is absolutely gorgeous and they have such a wonderful selection. From pottery to jewelry to bedding, they have it all! Plus, their staff is so helpful! I was looking for a gift and they went above and beyond to suggest things that hadn't even crossed my mind! Thanks for your excellent service and selection!”

Anna - Germantown, TN

"Awesome shopping experience! I really don’t like shopping, but the very nice people at Bella Vita made it so easy :). They helped me find perfect gifts for three of the people on my Christmas list in about 20 minutes. And they wrapped them for me! Love this place!!!"

Jonathan - Memphis, TN

"I always enjoy my time when I come to Bella Vita. Love the friendly people and the beautiful store!"

Sandra - Collierville, TN

"This store is a true gem hidden in the heart of Germantown. They have an awesome collection of gifts, but my favorites are the candles and room fragrances. It was definitely worth my time to stop in and check out their beautiful shop. The staff was very friendly helpful! A+++"

Michael - Memphis, TN

"Such a pleasant shopping experience! They take time with each customer, which is not very common anymore. Will definitely return soon!"

Vickie - Germantown, TN

"We live out of state and only get to visit a few times a year--we absolutely LOVE Bella Vita and their precious ladies. Several even recognize us from our visits. My husband makes it a point to place a big BV order for his clients each year simply because we have such an excellent experience with them. Thanks for your excellent customer service and thoughtfulness!"

Jonathan - Kentucky

'This place is great!'

John Smith - Jupiter, FL

Meet the Tribe

It's high time you got to know us beyond our names

The Owners


Our fearless leader since 2001! Steph has been a go getter from birth and actually purchased Bella Vita her senior year of college. Ever since then, she has been boots on the ground helping transform Bella Vita what it is today. Not much has changed and on an average day, you can find her popping back and forth between both locations and checking in on our customers, team, shipments, marketing and everything in between. When she’s not at Bella Vita, she is doing her second job of being a mom and running between school activities, sports and quality time with her precious Sage and Steele.

Owner / Partner

Wearer of many hats, Brent is our amazing co-owner and the reason you are reading this right now. With a background in web architecture, he is a huge asset to our team and helps to keep our website looking good and working properly. When he’s not dealing with software vendors or implementing new features to our site, he helps to manage financials, contracts and our team. When he’s not deep in website work, he loves to show off his skills on the golf course, watch Alabama football and spend time with Stephanie and their kiddos.

The Memphis Team

Bridal Director

Introducing Emry Hayes, our spunky Bridal Director who joined our team back in 2019. She spends her day helping our sweet brides find the place setting of their dreams and helping to make their registry experience as exceptional as they are. She has boundless enthusiasm and thrives in a bustling environment, which is perfect for those busy bridal gift Saturdays. When she’s not helping guests pick out the perfect bridal gift, she loves spending time outdoors, visiting her family or catching up with friends.

Employee Development Director

Say hello to Laura Smith, our Employee Development Director and a team member since 2012. As one of our OG team members, she has seen so much growth over the past decade and uses this history to pour into our new team members. She is also responsible for developing team training activities and keeping us up to date on all the amazing products that BV carries. Aside from that, she can be found helping to buy new products for both locations. Laura just might be the biggest University of Tennessee fan you’ll meet and loves a little friendly competition with Brent anytime they play Alabama. When she’s not showing off her UT pride, she loves showing off her skills in escape rooms or wowing people with her vast movie knowledge.

Senior Web Specialist

Meet Catie McDermott, our Senior Web Content Specialist who's been driving all things web-related since 2019. A Taylor Swift superfan, Catie crafts engaging online experiences, updates our home page and develops new features all while listening to Tswift’s greatest hits. With uninterrupted time and her daily caffeine fix, her creativity shines. When she’s not designing our newest web page, she loves spending time with her family, turning through the latest novel or hanging with her two kitties.


Say hello to Tammy Jacques, better known as our Bookkeeping Queen. As our in-house accountant, she is responsible for keeping all of our financial plates spinning. From keeping us on budget to handling all payments, she does it all….and we would be lost without her! When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s at the lake soaking up some sunshine or working in her flower beds.


Introducing Jennifer Willits, our dynamic Sales Director since 2016, who stands as a beacon of loyalty and leadership within our team. With a warm smile and an infectious laugh, she helps create a welcoming atmosphere for all of our customers. Whether she just met you or has known you for years, you’ll leave feeling like family. She’s our own personal cheerleader and uses her positive attitude and energy to fire up our team. She’s a BV staple and we are so lucky to have her on our team. When she’s not rallying up the troops, she is soaking up stolen moments with her twin girls, Reese and Riley.

Sr. SO Specialist

Presenting Meredith Melton, a vital part of our Inventory team since 2016. Meredith is responsible for all customer and VIP special orders and tracks the process from the time it’s been ordered to the time it arrives. She has vast knowledge and has become our resident researcher when it comes to our inventory questions. There’s not much we can throw at her that she can’t answer! To unwind, She loves watching documentaries in comfy pajamas, spending the day in Oxford (Go Rebs!) with her family or heading to the North Carolina mountains, that will always be home to her.


Meet Lorena Sappington, our meticulous Inventory Director who joined our team in 2021. With a background in inventory management, she uses these skills to ensure shipments arrive and are processed on time, keep our warehouse organized and make sure transfers between stores are done seamlessly each week. To boost her energy, she loves knitting, a good peony candle, dinner with friends or soaking up some extra family time.

Sales Associate

Introducing Kathleen Huisman, our enthusiastic part-time Sales Associate since March 2022. Kathleen’s warm presence and dedication shine through as she helps our customers find the perfect items. Outside of work, Kathleen enjoys painting, tennis and self-development, drawing inspiration from authors like Ed Mylett and John Maxwell.


Meet Alexis Marcel, our Inventory Processor who joined our team back in 2022. Her attention to detail shines through as she processes all incoming inventory and ensures a smooth product flow from our receiving warehouse to our store front. When she’s away from the warehouse, she can be found drawing or working with her husband on their latest video project.

Inventory Associate / Deliveries

Say hello to Jill Williams, our dedicated Inventory Associate and Local Delivery Driver, who has been ensuring timely arrivals since August of 2023. From weekly bridal deliveries to daily stock transfers, Jill accomplishes it all with a smile and courteous service. When she’s not driving around Memphis in the BV van, she can be found doing her daily swims, running with her husband or balancing life with their 5 kids.


Introducing Ella Fischer, our diligent part-time Web Fulfillment Specialist who's been a part of our team since 2022. A University of Memphis student (Go Tigers!), Ella ensures a seamless shipping or delivery experience for all of our customers. Her knack for organization and problem-solving, help keep our shipments going out on time and with excellence. When she’s not boxing up an order, she’s working on her studies, hanging out with her friends or decompressing by watching one of our favorite TV shows.

Sales Associate

Meet Jessica Grimm, one of our sweet part-time Sales Associates who joined our team back in 2023. With a retail background, she uses these skills to help service our customers and ensure they are finding everything they need. When she’s not at Bella Vita, she’s on mom duty and running between school, extracurricular activities and sports. She loves her four kids, running on the greenline and the occasional date night with her hubby.

Bridal Associate

Say hello to Joanne Franklin, our part-time Bridal Associate since 2023. With an infectious joyful personality and can-do attitude, Joanne helps keep our bridal business running as smoothly as possible. From helping guests find the perfect gift to the very important backend work, she does it all…and then some! When she’s not at Bella VIta, she loves spending time with her two girls, husband and their dog, Huey.

Ecommerce Coordinator

Introducing Amy Arrington, our Ecommerce Coordinator since 2024 , who uses her restaurant and customer service background to service all our online customers with excellence. From fulfilling orders to fielding questions, she is an integral part of our team. With a levelhead, she can handle any issue that is thrown her way with grace. When she’s away from Bella Vita, she loves spending time with her precious pup, Frito, and fiance, Allen.

The Nashville Team


Presenting Laurie Losorwith, our resident handy-woman and Stephanie’s mom, who's been a part of our team since the beginning. Over the last 23 years, she’s done everything from accounting to sales, but now helps to make all of our visual dreams come true! From building displays to merchandising new products, she does it all…and in record time! A crafter at heart, she loves quilting and gains inspiration from her adventurous travels with her husband, Steve.

Inventory Specialist

Meet Ashley, our Inventory Specialist who joined our team back in 2023. Responsible for maintaining our Nashville warehouse with order and precision, she is a huge asset to our team. She loves hiking or kayaking with her husband, crafting, gardening and soaking up snuggles from her sweet baby boy.

Inventory / Deliveries

Say hello to Steve Losorwith, Stephanie’s dad and resident delivery driver. As a business owner himself, he is responsible for helping Stephanie navigate business ownership in the early days and has been by her side every day since. When he’s not giving fatherly advice, he is picking up art from our amazing artists and driving transfers from one store to the other. While away form Bella Vita, he loves to see the world with his wife, Laurie.


Meet Carly Scognamiglio, our resident social media gal, who joined our team back in 2023. She helps manage our carefully curated social media pages and field all of your comments and messages. When she’s not planning her next getaway, you can find Carly indulging in a sweet treat while listening to her favorite Taylor Swift songs.


Introducing Maggie Ashworth, our Marketing Coordinator, who joined our team back in 2023. A Nashville native with a flair for organization, Maggie helps keep all of our marketing wheels turning. From managing emails to planning events and marketing campaigns, she does it all! In her free time, you can find Maggie scoping out live music around Nashville, hanging with her pup Dolly, or catching up with friends and family.

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