Meet the Girls

It’s high time you get to know us beyond our names.


Owner, visionary, and wearer of many hats. I've owned Bella Vita since 2001 and Itty Bitty Bella, our children's boutique two doors down, since 2011. You can find me constantly walking back and forth between the two stores, checking on customers, employees, shipments, and everything in between. You can contact me directly at



Laura is our go-to girl for working with vendors, to get products in and on time. She handles our claims, daily list of orders, inventory systems and any special requests that come in. A veteran Bella Vita girl, Laura attends market and finally has her own desk at the store.. and she deserves it!


One of our top sales associates and overall favorite people to be around, Jennifer's big smile and even bigger personality wins the heart of everyone who meets her--which works out well, since building relationships with our customers is one of her favorite things to do! She can't go a day without avocados, hummus, and a big belly laugh. With two twin girls who make her world spin, Jennifer's days are far too busy for things like TV --(which she'll tell you she doesn't miss anyway!)


Manager, Bella Vita

Claire Martin


Clever, quick, and creative, we can always count on Claire to handle our day-to-day initiatives as our resident marketing coordinator! This Mississippi State girl has our heart, and when she's not overseeing social media, event planning, and putting together our pretty promotional emails, you might find her on an ice cream run with her hubby. Catch her at the right time, she may just play you a ditty on her ukulele!

Lee Karen

Lee Karen

There’s a reason our store is the most beautiful on the block, and it’s all down to this girl right here! Lee Karen’s keen eye for beauty and perpetually sunny attitude make her our ultimate visuals guru. When she’s not dreaming up new ways to refresh the store and creating new displays to make your heart go pitter-patter, you can catch her rooting for her alma mater. Roll tide!



Abbey, a Sales Assistant, works with our incredible customers to help them find the perfect purchase, create solutions for them and ensure a smooth sales process. A natural people person, she enjoys being busy and working with others. Abbey graduated from the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss—Go Rebs! She spends her free time outdoors either camping or riding her horse, Jenny. Always down for a meal at Rendezvous, Abbey loves Memphis for its art and culture and never says “no” to a Banana Nutella Mempop!



Better known as the bookkeeper queen around Bella Vita, Tammy is who keeps all of our plates spinning! First and foremost, a lover of all things Bella Vita, when she's not working our numbers you can find her browsing some of our latest beautiful arrivals or catching up with other members of the team. A crucial part of the way we run the business, we're not sure where we would be without her. When she’s away from the Bella Vita tribe, Tammy can be found at Greers Ferry Lake, hiking, boating or working in her flowerbeds. She also spends time with her standard poodle and enjoys visiting Downtown Memphis, especially the Peabody Hotel.

Jillian Hopper


As an eCommerce Coordinator, Jillian Hopper works to serve all of our internet customers. What she loves most about her job is giving our customers a stellar experience and helping them end their day feeling heard and assisted. An Alabama and Clemson fan, Jillian is pursuing a career as a professional actress in her free time and has already had a few lead theatre roles. If she wasn’t living in Memphis, she would be found hiking in her old stompin’ grounds—the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Kimberly Craddock


Kimberly feels accomplished when she uploads new products to the website and watches customers fall in love with them. She graduated from Georgia Southern University, and, while not a football fan, is patiently waiting for the 2022 World Cup. Kimberly also enjoys trying out local restaurants as well as watching and creating YouTube videos.

Chris Landau


Chris's favorite aspect of working in bridal is helping couples select beautiful items for their new home. Chris graduated from Rutgers College with a B.A. in psychology and also has a J.D. from Widener University School of Law. Having lived in Milan, Italy and Sao Paulo, Brazil, he loves cooking Italian and Brazilian food as well as collecting cookbooks.

Nicole Gresham


Nicole wears several hats at Bella Vita as eCommerce Coordinator. She tries to make sure everything runs smoothly from the time a customer places an order on our website to when it arrives at their front door. Nicole focuses on the packaging and shipment of the orders to ensure the products are delivered safely, without any issues and with a high level of customer satisfaction. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, she enjoys playing tennis and being active as well as cheering for the Vols and the Nashville Predators.

Brent Singley


Also, a wearer of many hats, Brent is the reason you are reading our website right now. He manages our web office and team of 3 eCommerce Coordinators, works with our software vendors, and handles all things technical. He ensures that our store and site stay up and running, both smoothly and effectively on a daily basis.

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Manu Mandile receives all shipments of goods offered by Bella Vita and prepares them to be put on the sales floor as an Inventory Assistant. A graduate of the University of Milan with a degree in Italian Literature and Dance-therapy, Manu spends her free time with her husband and three children as well as teaching the Italian language and cooking Italian food. From Italy to Memphis, she has found her home in the “Southern Way of Living.”

Christa Armstrong


As Sales Coordinator at The Back Room location, Christa enjoys assisting customers with finding the perfect pieces for their spaces. In her role, she provides support to the sales team and researches options for customers as well as new inventory for the showroom floor. A Memphis Grizzlies and Mississippi State fan, Christa enjoys refinishing furniture, painting, reading and spending time with her husband and daughters.


Macy Chapman


As a sales associate at Bella Vita, Macy offers assistance to all of our customers to ensure an enjoyable/easy shopping experience—always with a big smile on her face. A graduate of St. Agnes Academy, she is currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, majoring in Marketing and Communications. When away from the Bella Vita tribe, you will find Macy hanging out with her friends and family, taking classes at Hot Yoga Plus or taking her dog, Finn, to the dog park.

Taylor Crouch


As a Sales Assistant, Taylor enjoys learning about every detail that goes into running Bella Vita and getting to know customers on a personal level by interacting with them face-to-face. Currently a student at the University of Tennessee at Martin, her dad played football for Mississippi State, so saying, “Hail State,” runs in her blood. Outside of work, Taylor spends time with her pup, Huey, at the dog park, at the lake with friends and family as well as sampling as much BBQ as possible during Memphis in May.